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Israel Galleries by GaryTheGuide


Banias River
History on the Banias River
Rushing water
Hanging Gardens
Banias water fall
Water in the Banias River

Susita - Hippos

Views of Sussita
Archeology in Sussita
A church in Sussita
Decorative motifs at Sussita

Temple Mount / al-Aksa

A view up to the Dome of the Rock
Awnings of the Dome of the Rock
Moslem structures on al-Aksa
al-Aksa from east
Art of al-Aksa
Bedrock in the Temple Mount wall
The Eastern Gate
Inside the Western Wall
Burial on al-Aksa

Western Wall

View of the holy sites
Celebrating at the Kotel
Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall
View of the Western Wall
People at the Western Wall
Notes in the Kotel
Notes in the Western Wall
Holidays at the Western Wall
Ezrat Yisrael
Life by the Western Wall

Holy Sepulchre Church

Christian Jerusalem
The world at The Holy Sepulchre
Holiness at the Holy Sepulchre
Art in the Holy Sepulchre
Domes of the Holy Sepulchre
Experiencing holiness
The Sepulchre

The Old City of Jerusalem

People in Jerusalem
People in the Jewish Quarter
People in the Christian Quarter
The Shuk
The Cotton Market
Muristan Market
A city of three religions
Church in the Armenian Quarter
Islam in Jerusalem
Courtyard in the Muslim Quarter
Doorways in the Muslim Quarter
Haj symbols in Jerusalem
Posters and painted doorways
Festivals in Jerusalem
Old City animals
Holidays in the Old City
Santa in Jerusalem
Jerusalem's wish for the world
Santa really lives here

More coming soon!

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